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Last updated on Feb. 6, 2020

Please contact SALSA GRANDE by e-mail ( if you have any questions about classes that are not addressed by this webpage.  We look forward to having all interested Salsa dancers join our community of Rueda dancers and fans of Cuban music in Houston, Texas!

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 Upcoming Workshops!
Sat., Feb. 8, 2020  
@ World Dance Experience - 9803 Stella Link, Houston, TX  77025
(near the intersection of 610 South and Stella Link)

2:00pm-3:30pm - Rueda Level 5 ($15)  (Must have completed Rueda Level 4)
3:30pm-5:00pm - Rueda Level 6 ($15)  (Must have completed Rueda Level 5)

Sun., Feb. 9, 2020   
@ AFL-CIO Building - 2506 Sutherland, Houston, TX  77023
(near the intersection of 610 South and Stella Link)

5:30pm-7:00pm - Supervised Practice Session! ($5)  (Must have completed Rueda Level 4 or higher)

Sat., Feb. 22, 2020
@ World Dance Experience - 9803 Stella Link, Houston, TX  77025
(near the intersection of 610 South and Stella Link)

2:00pm-3:30pm - Rueda Level 7 ($15)  (Must have completed Rueda Level 6)
3:30pm-5:00pm - Rueda Level 8 ($15)  (Must have completed Rueda Level 7)

Sat., Feb. 29, 2020
@ World Dance Experience - 9803 Stella Link, Houston, TX  77025
(near the intersection of 610 South and Stella Link)

2:30pm-4:30pm - Advanced Rueda ($20)  (Must have completed Rueda Level 10)

 What is "Rueda"?
Salsa Rueda (a/k/a "Casino Rueda" or "Rueda de Casino") is a dynamic variation of Salsa dancing where two or more couples frequently switch partners and execute synchronized moves.  "Rueda" is the Spanish word for "wheel," since the dance couples typically form a circle and respond to directions from one of the dancers who has assumed the role of "caller" or "cantante."  Rueda dancing was created in Cuba, but now has spread to all parts of the world.  Rueda is commonly described as the Salsa version of Square Dancing, with the key distinction being that the Rueda caller is one of the active dancers within the circle, not merely calling from the outside.  All of the Rueda moves have unique names and many also have an associated hand signal, which is useful when the music is too loud for a vocal call to be heard.  There are several universally recognized Rueda moves, but many regions have developed their own unique moves or variations.

 SALSA GRANDE's Workshop Program (including qualifications)
SALSA GRANDE's Rueda workshops are designed for Salsa dancers who have Salsa partnering experience of at least Intermediate level or higher.  (In other words, our Rueda workshops DO provide clear instruction "from scratch" in Rueda moves, technique, and styling -- but they are NOT a substitute for a Beginner Salsa class.)  All students are expected to start at Rueda Level 1 and progress sequentially, unless given special permission by the instructor.  If you already have Rueda experience elsewhere and believe you can start higher than our Rueda Level 1, then please contact us to determine the best starting Level for you within the SALSA GRANDE workshop program.  Generally speaking, even advanced Salsa dancers must start at Rueda Level 1, because dancing in the Rueda format has enough important variations from "regular" Salsa dancing to require detailed explanation in order to execute the moves properly and safely for the rest of the dancers in the circle.
SALSA GRANDE usually offers Rueda workshops on at least two or three different weekends each month, for different experience Levels.  Each workshop is 90 minutes long and covers all the moves of a full Level in an intensive (yet very fun!) fashion.  Because of this intensive/crash course type of approach, most students only need to take workshops on one afternoon each month, while obtaining further practice during the month by social dancing with us.  Lead instructor Michael Whitmire is one of the most active social-dancing Rueda instructors in Texas, and SALSA GRANDE students (both men and women) are taught how to call the moves on their own -- so there will be plenty of opportunities to practice at various Salsa venues around the Houston area.  Organized studio practice sessions are scheduled on a regular basis, also.

Our Rueda workshops are typically scheduled in sets of two consecutive Levels (e.g., 1 & 2, or 6 & 7, or 9 & 10) back-to-back on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  With rare exceptions, the first workshop is offered from 1:30pm to 3:00pm, then a second workshop from 3:00pm to 4:30pm, including a couple of brief breaks.  We understand that sometimes dancers can stay for only one workshop, and therefore all Levels are repeated on a regular basis.  Of course, for enthusiastic students who want the fun of staying for three hours of Rueda, we know that much dancing can be quite a workout -- so SALSA GRANDE always provides free bottled water during every workshop!
It is truly important to us for students to retain what they learn during each workshop, so within a few days after every workshop, all attendees are sent an e-mail containing (1) a list of the moves covered, (2) a pronunciation guide for the Spanish words, (3) a brief description of each move, and (4) the hand signal that may apply to a move.  Students are encouraged to "Like" the Facebook page for SALSA GRANDE ( to stay updated about the schedule of workshops during upcoming weeks.

 Value Pricing of Rueda Workshops
Our standard price is only $15 for one new workshop (90 minutes) or $10 for repeating a workshop you have taken before.  Other prices may apply for supervised practice sessions or workshops of different lengths.  For example, "Advanced Rueda" sessions last for two hours and cost $20, but are limited only to students who have completed all of the moves through Level 10 of SALSA GRANDE's Rueda syllabus.  Payments are accepted only by cash or check (no credit cards).

By teaching the moves in a very efficient fashion, enough material can be covered by SALSA GRANDE in one afternoon to match what some other studios may spread over several weeks of classes at twice our price...or more!  And, in addition to this tremendous bargain for new workshops, further discounts are given to Rueda dancers who choose to repeat any workshop as a way of refreshing their memories or would simply like additional practice.

 Location of Workshops
We have access to multiple locations in the Houston area, and we clearly identify the location of each workshop to our students.  (Unfortunately our previous primary location at SSQQ Dance Studio was destroyed in 2017 by Hurricane Harvey.)  If you have never attended a SALSA GRANDE workshop but wish to attend one on this website's schedule, then first-time visitors are encouraged to contact us directly by e-mail or telephone!

 Rueda Syllabus for SALSA GRANDE
Our syllabus covers more than 130 Rueda moves!  Each "Level" is fully covered during a fun 90-minute workshop, with detailed explanations of technique . . . and with plenty of applied Rueda practice using the great music of Salsa, soulful Latin Jazz, and the special Cuban-based rhythm known as Timba!  Before taking a particular Level, each person must have learned the moves in all of the preceding Levels, which is why almost all students need to start with the Rueda Level 1 workshop and then progress sequentially.  The moves contained within each workshop are as follows:


>> Guapea
>> Dile Que No
>> Dame Una
>> Dame Dos
>> Enchufe  (some places call this "Enchufla")
>> Enchufe Doble
>> Un Fly
>> Una Bulla
>> Suena

>> Pa'l Medio
>> P'arriba
>> P'abajo
>> Tarro
>> Vacila  (some places call this "Vacilala")
>> Sombrero
>> Adios  (some places call this "La Prima")

>> Exhibe
>> Adios Con La Hermana
>> Evelyn
>> Ventana
>> Kentucky

>> Llevala P'abajo
>> Enchufe Con Vuelta
>> Adios Con Vuelta
>> Enchufe Al Centro  (some places call this "Enchufla Al Medio")
>> Derecha / Right
>> Izquierda / Left
>> Clapping hands on Passing moves

>> Tumbao
>> Cero or Zero
>> Dedo
>> Setenta [Miami version]
>> "Mambo" step

>> Ocho
>> Bing Bong
>> Bing Bong Doble
>> Montana
>> Havana
>> Reggaeton

>> Vacila y Dame
>> Enchufe P'arriba  (some places call this "Enchufe P'abajo")
>> Adios P'arriba
>> Dame P'arriba
>> Dame con La Mano
>> Dame con Coca Cola
>> Siete

>> Siete con Coca Cola
>> Balsero
>> Tumba Francesa
>> Cadena
>> Enchufe con Paseala
>> Other moves "con Paseala"

>> Dame P'atras
>> Dame Dos con Cuba
>> Adios con la Familia
>> Aggie Doble
>> Pa'Ti  Pa'Mi
>> Tumbalyn
>> Other Tumba Francesa intros & endings
>> Castigala / Principe Malo
>> Besala / Principe Bueno

>> Tarro de Mentira
>> Dedo Saboreado
>> Coca Cola Por Atras
>> Vacila y Cero
>> Yogurt  / Zipper
>> Enchufe con Clave

>> Echeverria
>> Volteala
>> Abanico
>> "Con Palmas" during Al Centro
>> "Con Vuelta" during Al Centro
>> "Treinta y Tres" during Al Centro

>> Triple Play
>> Vacila Doble
>> Mimosa  (other places call this "Babosa")
>> Adios con Cadena
>> "Exhibela" or "Exhibe" exit from Cadena
>> Dos Mujeres

>> Vuelta Al Cuello
>> Beso
>> Disco Duck
>> Enchufe con Skippy  (some places call this "Esquipi")
>> Sombrero con Mambo

>> Cadena Caminando
>> Funkytown
>> Setenta Complicado
>> Casense
>> Paseala Arriba  (some places call this "Paseala por Arriba")
>> Paseala Con Vuelta

>> El Pozo  (or "Saca el Agua del Pozo")
>> Flaca
>> Gorda
>> Flaca y Gorda
>> Guapea Slide  (or "Slide")
>> La Familia Loca
>> Flor

>> Sombrero P'arriba
>> Sombrero P'abajo

>> Descarga
>> Camina
>> Paseo  (or "Camina P'arriba")
>> Paseo Apretao  (or "Camina P'arriba Apretao")
>> "Balsero con"  (variations)

>> Tarro Con La Mano  (some places call this "Tarro Sin Soltarla")
>> Rodillas
>> Sueltela
>> Directo
>> Directo y Bota
>> Juana La Cubana
>> Capillita
>> Bunny Hop
>> Bunny Hop Afuera

>> Sombrero con Vuelta
>> Vacila y Botala
>> Tumba Complicado
>> Straitjacket  (or "Lazo de Mujer")
>> Manos Al Centro
>> Hombres con Manos

>> Basket Weave  (or "Canasta")
>> Llevala Caminando
>> Adios Doble
>> Dedo Guarapo y Bota
>> Titanic
>> Titanic Doble

>> Evelyn Doble
>> Festival de Enchufe
>> Festival de Adios
>> Puente
>> Huracan

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