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Dancers from SALSA GRANDE traveled to California to appear on the closing night of 9th annual Salsa Rueda Festival, which is the premier event in the United States for Rueda dancers and fans of Cuban music.  This brand-new choreography by SALSA GRANDE's director, Michael Whitmire, was performed in San Francisco by 6 dancers (three couples) on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Dancers from SALSA GRANDE appeared on the morning news show for KPRC-Channel 2, which is the NBC  television affiliate for Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.  The following segment aired live on May 21, 2015 from Houston's Downtown Aquarium, featuring 8 dancers (four couples) demonstrating a completely freestyled Rueda dance.  The improvised calling of the moves on live television was done by SALSA GRANDE's lead instructor/director, Michael Whitmire.

This fun morning of television happened on Friday, July 26, 2019 at Houston's Downtown Aquarium.  The video compilation starts with a brief Instagram promo, followed by our live segments for the "HTown Rush" morning news show on KHOU-Channel 11, which is the CBS network affiliate in Houston, Texas.  Our 6 dancers (three couples) briefly demonstrated Rueda along with other basic Salsa steps.

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, dancers from SALSA GRANDE performed live in the television studio of KRIV-Channel 26 ("Fox 26"), which is the Fox network affiliate for Houston, Texas.  This video contains a full compilation of the on-air segments for our appearance on the morning news show, plus a behind-the-scenes/backstage view from the "Facebook Live" recording by one of the show's news anchors.  These 6 dancers (three couples) responded to freestyle calling of Rueda moves by SALSA GRANDE's director, Michael Whitmire.

Dancers from SALSA GRANDE traveled to Kemah, Texas on Sunday June 18, 2017, to entertain the crowd during the summer series of "Salsa Sundays" at the Kemah Boardwalk.  This Rueda routine was mostly improvised by these 6 dancers (three couples), based on the freestyle calls by SALSA GRANDE's director, Michael Whitmire.

This TV appearance in May of 2014 featured SALSA GRANDE's students, as we were invited to explain and demonstrate Casino Rueda (a/k/a "Rueda de Casino" or "Salsa Rueda") on a Spanish-language morning show in Houston called "Vive La Mañana."  This day's show featured Cuban culture.  One of the dancers (Monica) was interviewed on camera for the first two minutes and then she joined the rest of the 8 dancers (four couples) for a live demonstration of Rueda, which involved improvised calling by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire.  The show is carried in Houston, Texas, on the UniMás station (local channel 67-KFTH), which is part of the Univision family of broadcast stations.

Public performances don't always have to be stressful!  These clips from July 20, 2017 reveal some of the unscripted fun that the dancers from SALSA GRANDE have whenever we get together.  The first few minutes are a compilation of our dancing in the live entertainment segments for that morning's TV news on KHOU-Channel 11, which is the CBS affiliate for Houston, Texas.  After that (around the 4:55 mark), you'll get a peek at the funny bantering among the dancers, the TV crew, and the DJ.  The video wraps up (around the 9:18 mark) with an unplanned bit of line dancing to the "Wobble" song...including the news reporter herself!  Our 6 dancers (three couples) demonstrated freestyled Rueda dancing, based on the improvised calling of SALSA GRANDE's lead instructor/director, Michael Whitmire.  The "Wobble" steps are mainly just the standard moves for the popular dance.  :-)

This video contains the first time that dancers from SALSA GRANDE appeared on KHOU-Channel 11 (Houston's CBS television affiliate).  You can see all of the segments that aired during the live morning TV broadcast on June 30, 2016, along with the reporter's "Facebook Live" follow-up.  Our dancers were used to highlight the "Latin Beats" series of events at Houston's Downtown Aquarium every summer.  These 6 dancers (three couples) demonstrated completely freestyled Rueda dancing, and the improvised calling of the moves was done by SALSA GRANDE's lead instructor/director, Michael Whitmire.

An informal look at some of SALSA GRANDE's students as they practice a Rueda dance routine that was performed at the Texas Salsa Congress in March of 2014.  This Thursday-night rehearsal was at the SSQQ Dance Studio in Houston, Texas.  The choreography for these 10 dancers (five couples) was created by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire.

This is the official performance video of SALSA GRANDE's students for the 2014 Texas Salsa Congress on March 16, 2014.  The event was held in a ballroom of the Westin Oaks Hotel in Houston, Texas.  We were happy that this performance by 10 dancers (five couples) was well-received by the audience of Salsa fans!

Houston's Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival welcomed SALSA GRANDE on Sunday, September 20, 2015.  We used a newer version of the classic Cuban song "El Cuarto de Tula" for a Rueda routine with 6 dancers (three couples) in downtown Houston.  SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire choreographed this dance, and we were pleased to get special recognition by the Festival's organizer (Mr. Javier Ferrer) for our efforts to demonstrate this fun aspect of Cuban culture.

The group dance lesson in this video is an example of the event services offered by SALSA GRANDE.  This exciting event took place in January of 2017, when a husband wanted to honor his wife with a surprise birthday party for her 50th birthday.  Director Michael Whitmire provided two dance performances with his partner Leslie, and then they got the party guests on their feet for a group lesson!  This "must-watch" video shows Michael talking the crowd through a few basic Salsa steps, while some of the live musicians decided to accompany the recorded track.  It was a really fun blend of Indian and Latin cultures!

An updated version of our "Gozalo" choreography was performed at the Discovery Green park in downtown Houston, Texas, during March of 2015.  The free, family-friendly event called "Discover Dance" is sponsored annually by the Dance Houston organization, and this was our second consecutive year to appear.  The choreography for this routine was created by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire and performed by 10 dancers (five couples).

SALSA GRANDE was happy to put 16 dancers (eight couples) onstage during a night of "Salsa in the Park," sponsored by Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc., which is a local non-profit organization.  The event was held at the Discovery Green park in downtown Houston, Texas on Saturday, February 11, 2017.  Our large Rueda demo featured SALSA GRANDE's students and performers, with improvised calling done by Michael Whitmire.

This routine of "Somos Familia" debuted in the summer of 2015 at Houston's Downtown Aquarium.  The Aquarium's weekly "Latin Beats" series features performances by prominent dancers, and we were honored to perform for the audience on Friday, July 17, 2015.  This high-energy routine was choreographed by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire for 8 dancers (four couples).

Our special performance to the tune of "La Gitana" paid tribute to the women of SALSA GRANDE, with these 8 performers consisting of 2 men and 6 women.  Choreographed by Michael Whitmire, this opportunity to demonstrate Rueda dancing took place at the SSQQ Dance Studio's annual "Summer Showcase" in August of 2015.

In October of 2014, SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire and his partner Virginia were invited to perform onstage as the exclusive dancers for a musical tribute to Celia Cruz in Houston, Texas.  The 90-minute production, entitled "Querida Celia" ("Beloved Celia"), featured a live band of Cuban musicians playing many of Celia's most popular songs, sung by vocalist Leonela Martha Mendez.  The fun show was held in the main theater of Talento Bilingue de Houston ("TBH").

We were excited to perform in downtown Houston, Texas, at the annual "Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival" in September of 2014.  This new Rueda choreography was created for the Festival by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire and performed onstage by 8 dancers (four couples) on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

This mostly freestyled Rueda was performed by 8 dancers (four couples) for the SSQQ Dance Studio's annual "Summer Showcase" on August 20, 2016.  After the brief choreographed introduction, all of the improvised calling was done by SALSA GRANDE's lead instructor/director, Michael Whitmire.

Performance by SALSA GRANDE's students at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston, Texas during July of 2013.  Many thanks to Ruby Rivera of the Texas Salsa Congress for inviting us to perform.  This original choreography for the song "Gozalo" was created by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire.  For some in this group of 12 people (six couples), it was their first time ever to participate in a dance performance!

We provided a Rueda "flash mob" for a company holiday party in Sugar Land, Texas in December of 2012.  This dance with 12 people (six couples) was coordinated by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire and two of the company's employees:

This video shows a fun Salsa "flash mob" at a university event in Houston, Texas in November of 2012.  The group of over 40 people (including students, staff, and faculty members) was coordinated by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire and Dr. Kay Bartholomew, who was an associate dean of the university's graduate school:

Here is a special Rueda by a bridal party in Houston, Texas during August of 2010.  This dance by 16 people (eight couples) was coordinated by SALSA GRANDE's Michael Whitmire along with the bride and groom.  Most members of the bridal party already knew Salsa, but they met on a weekly basis for 10 weeks before the wedding ceremony to learn Rueda together in a set of private group classes taught by Michael.  The group performance happened during the wedding reception at the Petroleum Club, immediately after the father-daughter dance:

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